Design: from digital to prototype


The development and operational teams study the components’ feasibility hand-in-hand with the car manufacturer’s design department.


ALTY can built prototypes with 3D plastic printing or with printed sand moulds in record time!


Technical and dimensional specifications can be validated using tomography.


Rheology software enable flow and solidification prediction of sand and aluminium components.

Integrated moulding workshop

The ALTY group has an integrated workshop for the design and manufacturing of moulds and tools, allowing complete confidentiality during development.

Production feedback

Thermal exchanges simulated during development phase can be checked and compared with actual results thanks to thermal camera.

Industrialising: from one-off to mass production


Cold boxes, hot boxes, Croning, inorganic boxes, the ALTY group has a firm grasp of all coring techniques, in order to provide the best solutions.


High pressure or gravity die casting, the ALTY group can work on many types of components.

Heat treatment

On primary alloys, the ALTY group can guaranty optimum mechanical characteristics with internal heat treatment.


The ALTY group uses automated and robust processes to obtain a fully controlled final part.


From leak test to dimensional serial tests, the ALTY group thinks over quality all along the process steps to offer the most optimized statistical analysis..


From 3 to 5 axes CNC, the ALTY group offers a wide range of machining technics, allowing precisions down to the micron.

Control: quality at the heart of every action

The ALTY group is driven by its passion for the industry.

The technical developments of engines and vehicles are accelerating the pace of automotive component renewal. Platform standardisation increases production volumes.

For ALTY, the key to success is expertise and innovation, in order to provide the highest quality of service to its clients.