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Small or large batches
For the automotive sector or the industry

Renault-Nissan Alliance

Oil pan with integrated high pressure oil circulation


Infiniti FX

Oil pan with integrated 4WD transmission


Porsche Cayenne

Turbo cylinderhead - 550 hp


Renault-Nissan Alliance

Cooled EGR and air intake system


BMW i3

Cooled electrical engine pan


Manufacturing: our expertise

Weight reduction

Aluminium alloys helps reducing CO2 emissions by lowering vehicles’ weight.

The ALTY group knows how to cast the most complex aluminium parts.

Cost reduction

Lowering powertrains’ manufacturing costs requires combining several functions in a single component to reduce the number of assemblies and interfaces. 

The ALTY group controls the development of complex components necessitating the use of hollow core forms.

Vertical integration

Because of the simplification of powertrain assembly lines, the machining and assembly of certain components has been outsourced to equipment manufacturers. 

The ALTY group knows how to machine and assemble vehicules parts in aluminium alloys, ready for use.

Tomorrow’s technologies

Electrical engines also use components made of aluminium alloys with high mechanical properties that requires cooling, just like internal combustion engines’ components.

The ALTY group offers its expertise in this new technological area by transposing proven and effective manufacturing solutions.

Manufacturing: every day, with passion and professionalism

Logistic hub

SIFA Technologies’ production unit in Orléans is ideally located near a major motorway junction and at the heart of the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Large batches

15 000 components are manufactured daily to be shipped all over the world.

Over 80 machines

SIFA Technologies has a wide selection of machines, allowing to manufacture products with multiple process steps.

Control at each step

Spectroscopy, density, X-ray, micro-analysis, mechanical tests, brunt ratio, tomography, 3D measures, leak test, go-through test… Full control for a perfect handling of the process.

Work with passion

Close to engineering schools and universities, the ALTY group attracts highly qualified personnel.