Welcome to the Groupe ALTY’s website,

company specialized in designing, industrializing and producing components in casted, machined and assembled components in aluminium alloy.

A global mindset

GROUPE ALTY has been created in November 2016 by highly experienced professionals in order to support the evolutions of the automotive industry by offering services to car and tier 1 manufacturers.

One of the industry’s major challenges for the future is its ability to develop new technologies with suppliers that possess competitive production capabilities.


GROUPE ALTY has a production unit in Orléans, ALTY TECHNOLOGIES, capable of designing, industrializing and manufacturing most machined and assembled powertrain components in cast aluminium alloy for electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines.


ALTY CONSULTING is agile enough to meet the growing demand of sector investors seeking an expert opinion or rationalization advice before undertaking any operation.


ALTY TRADING offers its in-depth knowledge of the French industrial sector to provide its customers with the mastery of several technologies necessary to the comprehensive supply of a complex set of industrial components.

Quality in every actions

GROUPE ALTY executives are driven by their passion for the industry.

The technical developments of engines and vehicles are accelerating the pace of automotive component renewal. Platform standardization increases production volumes.

Automotive leaders are constantly aiming towards global quality.

Expertise serving our customers


From CAD to prototypes


The teams study the feasibility of components hand in hand with the car manufacturer’s design departments.


ALTY Techologies can built protoypes in 3D plastic printing or with printed sand moulds to achieve the fastest lead times!


Technical and dimensional specifications can be validated with tomography.


Rheology software allows to predict the flow and the solidification of sand and aluminium components.

Production Feedback

Thermal exchanges simulated during development phase can be checked and compared with actual results thanks to thermal camera.

Integrated mould workshop

ALTY Technologies has an integrated workshop for the design and manufacturing of dies, allowing complete confidentiality of the development.

Expertise serving our customers


From one to many


Cold boxes, hot boxes, Croning, inorganic boxes, ALTY Technologies gather all technics in the coring activity to propose the best solutions.


High pressure or gravity die casting, ALTY Technologies can work on many types of components.

Heat treatment

On primary alloys, ALTY Technologies can guaranty optimum mechanical characteristics with internal heat treatment.


From 3 to 5 axes CNC, ALTY Technologies propose a wide range of machining technics, allowing precisions down to the micron.


ALTY Technologies use automated and robust processes to obtain a fully controlled final part.


From leak test to dimensional serial tests, ALTY Technologies think over quality all along the process steps to propose the most optimized statistical analysis.

Expertise serving our customers


Every day, with passion and professionalism

Logistic hub

Orléans’ production unit is ideally located near a major motorway junction and in the heart of the Centre Val de Loire region.

Large series

15 000 components are daily manufactured to be shipped all over the world.

Over 80 machines

ALTY Technologies has a wide selection of machines, allowing to manufacture products with multiple process steps.

Control at each step

Spectroscopy, density, X-ray, micro-analysis, rmachanical tests, brunt ratio, tomography, 3D measures, leak test, go through test… The whole check for a perfect handling of the process.

Work with passion

Near engineering schools and universities, ALTY Technologies attracts highly qualified personnel.

Our automotive know-how

Weight reduction

Aluminium alloys helps to reduce CO2 emission by reducing the weight of the vehicles.

ALTY Technologies knows how to cast the most complex aluminium parts.

Cost reduction

Reducing the manufacturing costs of powertrains requires combining several functions in a single component to reduce the number of assemblies and interfaces. 

ALTY Technologies controls the development of  complex components necessitating the use of hollow core forms.

Vertical integration

The simplification of powertrain assembly lines has outsourced the machining and assembly of certain components to equipment manufacturers. 

ALTY Technologies knows how to machine and assemble parts in aluminium alloys, ready for use on the vehicles.

Tomorrow’s technologies

Electrical engines also use components made of aluminium alloys with high mechanical properties that requires cooling, just like the components of internal combustion engines.

ALTY Technologies propose its expertise to this new technology by transposing proven and effective manufacturing solutions.


Renault-Nissan Alliance

Oil pan with integrated high pressure oil circulation


Infiniti FX

Oil pan with integrated 4WD transmission


Porsche Cayenne

Turbo cylinderhead - 550 hp


Renault-Nissan Alliance

Cooled EGR and air intake system


BMW i3

Cooled electrical engine pan